Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

India | Application Delivery | Full-time | Fully remote


About Wingify: At Wingify, we’re building SaaS (software as a service) products from India that are used by thousands of brands in more than 90 countries across the world. In our industry, we’re proudly outcompeting a number of international counterparts to clock more than USD 30mn in annual revenue without any external funding. 

Over the last 11 years, VWO by Wingify has helped create industry standards in A/B testing products and have helped brands grow their website conversions by our suite of products across testing, website insights, and engagement. 

If you have interacted with WikiHow, UbiSoft, TMZ, or Britannica, you have already met some of the customers who trust the VWO platform for their experimentation-led growth. 

This has been made possible by our relentless focus on delivering value to our customers by creating tools that are simple to use, yet pack a punch when it comes to value for their growth. 

Our focus on our products is reflected in what our customers have to say about us. Last year, G2Crowd recognized VWO by Wingify among the 25 best software SaaS companies in India, and in 2017, ET gave us the title of Startup of the year in the bootstrapped champ category.


As a senior front-end engineer, you will be required to work on our application, the front-end of our customer-facing web application, and the JavaScript library that is installed on our customers’ websites. We work iteratively and ship code often, and are looking for people who can work hand in hand with our back-end team. The solutions that you build will be deployed on thousands of websites, thereby impacting millions of users.

Tools that we use 

All our engineers at Wingify are involved in every part of our development life cycle. As an engineer at Wingify, you will be responsible for creating, monitoring, managing, and improving our product that is used by over 5000+ customers across 90+ countries.

We love vanilla Javascript and use many libraries and tools like AngularJS, TypeScript, jQuery, SASS, Grunt, Git, Jenkins, Jasmine, QUnit, Testswarm, BrowserStack, Selenium to name a few.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Development of our application’s front-end and our public websites.
  • Participating in the design and implementation of new features.
  • Evolving the architecture of our front-end.
  • Talking about your work - we love open source software, we heavily use them and by talking about how we use them is the least we can do to help the community. See our engineering blog.

 Skills & Experience:

  • 4+ years of experience in developing front-end applications at scale.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of the DOM, canvas rendering, and SVG.
  • Deep understanding of how the browser works.
  • Understanding of browser caching
  • Experience in writing modular/reusable code and using JS frameworks.
  • Experience with frameworks like Ember, Angular, Backbone.js, etc., especially about their internal working.
  • Knowledge of high-level programming concepts like promises, data-binding.
  • Experience with seamless integration of front-end to backend functionality.
  • Track record of building great interfaces with the user experience in mind.
  • Regard for optimizations that focus to deliver content to the user as quickly as possible.
  • Good understanding of the constantly evolving world of front-end development.
  • Understanding the similarities and differences across browsers (young and old).
  • Understanding of different measurement and benchmarking tools.
  • Experience with test-driven/behavior-driven development using automated testing tools.
  • Experience in working in agile software development environments
  • A latent love for writing beautiful and modular CSS, along with some experience with frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc is a plus.
  • Experience with advanced CSS programming using LESS, SASS, or Atomic CSS is a plus.



We have the following levels within different grades in our engineering team.

Senior Software Engineer 1 

Senior Software Engineer 2

Lead Engineer 1

Engineering Manager 

Senior Engineering Manager

Associate Director 



Chief Technology Officer 


Expectations from you to succeed in this role 

We have identified some must-have expectations from this role. As a senior software engineer, you will be meeting expectations (which is a good indicator of your performance) if you qualify for all must-have expectations for most sprints. Differentiators are not explicit expectations but would exceed expectations from this role and would likely put you as a great performer. 



  • Timely Delivery (Will be same across all experience levels)
    1. Customer Bugs: To be fixed in the sprint defined
    2. Features
      1. The scope passes the acceptance criteria that were committed for a particular sprint
    3. Tech Debt
      1. Same flow as Features
    4. Quality delivery should not be hampered to achieve timely delivery.


  • Ownership & Accountability (Will be different across all experience levels)
    1. For an individual contributor, it will be specific to the tasks that have been assigned.
    2. For the scrum master, he/she has the combined ownership of all the individuals.


  • Quality Delivery
    1. We are meeting the expectations that are set in a current project of quality. Such expectations would be written and shared with the team for a certain project. This list would vary for every project/team.
    2. Repeated instances of misses of taught items/explanations in Pull Requests. 
    3. Dev Testing of items being handed over to QA. Example: If a particular feature required certain changes for rolling out a bug fix, and post QA handoff, the feature stopped working. It is a clear miss and compromise of quality.
    4. Basic Cases being missed after Production Rollout.
    5. Strict adherence to the process that is defined. There will be no overrides in any case. Any compromise means we will be compromising on the ideals we defined and such compromises will harm in the long run.
    6. A balance between regression and quality to achieve delivery for the project.


  • Teamwork
    1. Delegation through manager/scrum master is a sign of bad teamwork. Things that can be sorted out at the team level.
    2. Less Blame game. If you see a particular issue in UI, either you fix or get it fixed through the relevant person within the team is a sign of good teamwork.


  • Self Initiated Projects (Differentiator)
    1. Frequency of doing self-initiated projects to improve existing architecture 

Engineering Performance Process

We follow a continuous performance cycle inline with our sprint cycles. A 360 review based on agile principles is rolled out after every two sprints that covers feedback on and from scrum masters and peers. 

A formal review is kicked off twice a year and the feedback from sprint cycles is accommodated for a holistic evaluation. 

It's not all work! 

Between work and learning, we don’t forget to have fun!

Regular hackathons, Show and Tell sessions within the team, a book club, beach trips (pre-Covid) keep us busy. 

→ As an engineering team member working remotely, you get an allowance of 35k INR to set up your home office.

→ Health insurance of 5 Lakhs for you and dependents

→ A self-initiated learning and development budget of $400/year for training courses and online certifications 

→ Executive coaching for engineering leaders 

→ Access to free unlimited mental health sessions